VIDEO: Luckiest biker ever survives 160kmh ‘push’ and two barrier impacts.

If you don’t physically flinch when watching this next video, you’re either a psychopath or a robot. Because this is one of the scariest videos I’ve seen in a while.

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The action kicks off after the karussell (7m25s) when the camera bike follows the red cayman up the hill towards Hohe Acht, overtaking the cars on the right.

Unfortunately the driver of the blue SEAT obviously didn’t see the BMW S1000RR charging hard, and at a staggering 100mph, the biker is hit and pushed all the way into the fence…

There’s a lot of biker versus car-driver bullshit on the internet, but as I love both of them, I’m not going to get into that. This was a simple mistake, that much is clear.


But having lost close biker friends on this very bend, it’s hard for me not to be a little emotional, so here goes:

A simple mistake can cost a car driver a big amount of money. But it can cost a biker his or her life. It doesn’t matter who’s fault the accident is, if you’re the guy on the ground with a broken leg (or worse).

It’s 100% clear to me. There’s no doubt that the BMW rider was in the ‘right’ when he overtook correctly on the left side. And the SEAT driver did something dumb.

BUT it pays dividends to be paranoid as hell when riding the Nordschleife this fast on a busy weekend. I know, I did it myself for many years on a variety of very fast motorcycles. How I survived, I simply don’t know.

Because so many of the drivers are novices that you can’t expect them to do everything correctly. When buzzing past at this speed on a motorcycle, you are, in effect, handing your life to a total novice for safe keeping for a couple of seconds at a time. One false move from them, and you (the biker) are dead. You can’t expect it to work out OK all of the time.

How David got away with this impact is almost unbelievable. But he did. And he was obviously pretty happy about it. And so are we all, I’m sure!

Thanks to Andy Williams for this photo!

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