RUMOUR-MILL: Did the Lazante P1 LM do 6m48s this week?

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Until we see the onboard video, just file this headline in the same tabloid category as “ELVIS LIVES!” and “BUS FOUND ON MOON”…

…and yet… the rumours are there, and they’re coming from the people who should know.

But what does BTG know?

  • The Lazante road-legal adaptation of McLaren’s ultimate £1million-plus P1 GTR was testing on the Nürburgring Nordschleife last week during the industry pool, on a ticket apparently supplied by Pirelli. 
  • The Lazante P1 LM did a special 1-lap time-attack between the hours of iPool and TF on Thursday.
  • That Swedish-coloured helmet belongs to none other than Kenny “Full Attack” Bräck.

What did it look like? Well, Erich was there (of course):

The 6m48s number is one that I’ve heard three times now from three best-unnamed sources. Let’s see what leaks over the weekend, as I happen to believe that the Lazante and McLaren guys should be the same place as many BTGers on Tuesday….

And let’s be honest, a 6m48s for this 1000hp HyperCar is hardly unrealistic. Though the definition of road-legal production car is a bit stretched when you consider there’s only five of these and they’re more-than-likely single-vehicle-approved on a one-by-one basis, rather than type-approved.