Koenigsegg confirm 2016 Nürburgring Lap record intent

Followers of the Swedish Hypercar firm will not be surprised by that headline, but Koenigsegg just re-affirmed their intent to run the ‘Ring in an official blog post.


“And with up to 2G’s of lateral grip in the One:1, we don’t think we’d lose anything in the corners, either. Our lap records at Suzuka and Spa support this, but we know that everyone is waiting for us to tackle the Nurburgring, which we definitely want to do when restrictions are finally lifted in 2016.”

You can read the full post on Koenigsegg.com which was, allegedly, a public response to a customer email. A question along the lines of “OMG is my Agera R I ordered still the fastest hypercar available”?

I have no reason to doubt Koenigsegg, but my brain rebels against the thought of a chap who can drop €2m on a dream car, but also be so insecure that he needs to know the Agera will definitely beat his mates P1 or LaF. Maybe I’m too cynical? Maybe that’s exactly why they buy a €2m car?

Anyway… here’s the link to the YouTube video that prompted the debate. It’s a dragrace at Bruntingthorpe. Personally I find it only more slightly exciting than watching paint dry. If you want an exciting #HolyTrinity video, you’ve ABSOLUTELY got to watch this:

It’s 52 minutes of hypercar NERD-GASM… if I was Koenigsegg, I’d be more gutted that an 1:One Agera on Pilot Sport Cup 2s wasn’t in *that* video with Harris et al.

I was lucky enough to sit passenger with Marcus from PACE when we did a little photo shoot of an Agera and Zonda on a GranTurismo Events trackday a couple of years ago…

Honestly, runway dragraces mean nothing to me at all.

But the thought of the latest Agera RS (the one that destroyed laptimes at Spa and Suzuka this year) hitting the Nordschleife is far more exciting.

So yes, maybeHarris should have asked Koenigsegg for their 1:One and made the #HolyTrinity a #HolyQuartet. And imagine that foursome on the Nordschleife too?

Unrealistic? Definitely. But it would be wonderful…


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