VIDEO: Did you know there was a Yellowbird sequel? Watch it here

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Only a couple of weeks ago RUF dropped the original full-length Yellowbird CTR movie onto their YouTube channel. It reminded many of us of the original reasons we first loved the Nordschleife.

Of course, every iteration of Porsche has enjoyed a RUF make-over, but the next one to get the full video treatment was the 996-based RUF RTurbo of 2001.

Available in 520, 550 or 590hp tunes, and with AWD or RWD, the RTurbo was for many the ultimate 996.

I think the yellow car you can see below was the full 590hp in a RWD format. Those power figures don’t do the car justice. And after a test-drive of the RWD car, you might be unsurprised to learn that most customers did in fact order the AWD version.

If you want to know more, I’d recommend reading this roadtest from 2001 over on TTAC.

Source: RUF Automobile GmbH