Nürburgring confirm that #contactless touristenfahrten will go ahead this weekend!

As expected, the Nürburgring confirmed that the #contactless touristenfahrten will go ahead this weekend. The news is a lifeline to many, as rumours circulate that Germany will remain in “lockdown” until at least March 28th.

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While the German lockdown isn’t as harsh as some around the world, and personal mobility remains unrestricted for most citizens, there were still a few concerns that the State might prevent the Nürburgring from opening. Concerns about the numbers of visitors to the area have been constantly on the local agenda, even when the track was closed.

During the winter months the fences closing off the Brünnchen carpark were consistently forced open.

The Brünnchen, Pflanzgarten and In Der Acht car parks are OPEN and patrolled for COVID-regulation-compliance, but there is a small €2/day cost per car! But Nürburgring still stress; come for the driving, not the socialising.

UPDATE: Those carparks are now CLOSED. Read more here.

We will be open for Nürburgring car rentals at Rent4Ring, though the restrictions mean you might have to wait outside to speak to us, as we’re only allowed 2 customers in our showroom at once!

The Nürburgring made an official post to their Facebook account, in English, here:

The rules are clear, here’s what the Nürburgring say:

  • Saturday & Sunday the gates to the Green Hell open again (09:00 – 06:30).
  • Tickets only online via our website. Look for the clearing point opposite the entrance, in case there are problems.
  • Maximum two persons per vehicle allowed.
  • Parking at the entrance and the second entrance at Breidscheid will remain closed.
  • Following parking and resting possibilities for tourist drivers: Opposite the entrance (In der Acht), Brünnchen & Pflanzgarten.
  • Please join us only if you are driving on track. For spectators: Please stay at home!

Visitors with “important business” are still allowed to cross the borders, provided they’re not from a ‘hotspot’, don’t stay overnight, and abide by all the local restrictions.

The full press release is available on the official Nürburgring website in both German, as well as English.

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