Nürburgring re-opens, but not without these changes…

The Nürburgring Nordschleife has officially re-opened, and May’s touristenfahrten (public driving) dates have been officially confirmed (see bottom of page).

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But we are living in a post-coronavirus world, and as you might have guessed, there are some SERIOUS changes. I wrote about my first weekend of ‘post-rona’ lapping on Road&Track magazine last week. But here’s the short version of what you need to know:

Buy your tickets in advance

Wear a mask

We all know the GreenHell Driving app is a little, ummm, ‘flakey’. OK, sometimes it’s downright none-functional. In those instances you can visit the site on mobile or desktop with this link:


Online payment of lap tickets in advance is appreciated by staff and organisation, but in the event that it’s not possible there are limited services available from the ticket sales counters at the Nordschleife and Info Centre. You can also buy tickets at the ED Tankstelle while you fill up on cheap corona-gas.

Parking and socialising must be well distanced and with masks

The Nordschleife carpark and Devil’s Diner have always been a little tight for space. With barely 100 parking places and up to 10,000 cars visiting in a normal Summer day, that’s no surprise. But in a post-rona reality, that’s not acceptable. As such, the Nürburgring owners have opened up the much bigger GP paddock area to be used in between laps or during closures. It’s barely a two-minute drive from the Nordschleife, and I’ve made a map link here.

Masks are also compulsory throughout the Nürburgring’s property and grounds. Don’t worry, BTG’s got you covered:

motorsports corona virus facemasks
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Food is available as drive-through and take-out

YES, you’ll need to wear your mask, and YES, you’ll need to keep two-metre distances when queueing, but food is still available to pick up and eat out from nearly ALL your favourite places.

Once you’re on-track, the world is a better place!

As I detailed in my Road&Track article, I took a Rent4Ring BMW 125i Stage 2 for my laps on Thursday. The laps were glorious, fantastic and soul-soothing. Not particularly fast, all my sim-racing and twitch streaming in the last month made a real car feel quite odd!

The dates you need to know:

  • Germany is already loosening its borders and will discuss re-opening tourism officially from June 14th. The Dutch and Danish borders are theoretically open right now for ‘essential’ travel.
  • The Nürburgring have published an interim list of public opening days for May 2020 that I’ve listed below. Theoretically the rest of the year is available through the website at greenhelldriving.nuerburgring.de

Gesamtübersicht Mai (inkl. geänderten oder neuen Terminen):

Freitag 08.05.20 10:00 19:00
Samstag 09.05.20 09:00 19:00
Sonntag 10.05.20 09:00 19:00
Montag 11.05.20 17:15 19:30
Dienstag 12.05.20 17:30 19:30
Donnerstag 14.05.20 17:30 19:30
Freitag 15.05.20 13:30 19:30
Samstag 16.05.20 09:00 19:00
Sonntag 17.05.20 09:00 19:00
Montag 18.05.20 17:15 19:30
Dienstag 19.05.20 17:15 19:30
Mittwoch 20.05.20 17:15 19:30
Donnerstag 21.05.20 09:00 19:00
Freitag 22.05.20 09:00 19:00
Samstag 23.05.20 09:00 19:00
Sonntag 24.05.20 09:00 19:00
Montag 25.05.20 17:15 19:30
Dienstag 26.05.20 17:15 19:30
Mittwoch 27.05.20 17:15 19:30
Freitag 29.05.20 17:15 19:30
Samstag 30.05.20 09:00 19:00
Sonntag 31.05.20 10:00 19:00
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