Rally Köln Ahrweiler hits the Nürburgring tomorrow

The leaves are dropping off the trees, and guys in orange jackets are gathering around random road junctions in the Eifel. It can mean only one thing…

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… the Rally Köln Ahrweiler is about to begin!You’ll find a full schedule and spectator information sheet online here (in German). But the short form is that it starts tonight and finishes tomorrow evening. The highlight (for me) is when the cars take to the Sudschleife and Nordschleife tomorrow. The Nordschleife stage begins near Adenau, and looks like this:

Expect more photos and videos over the next couple of days. It’s a really great event, and a lot of people I know come to the Eifel *just* for this Rally.

(though, truth be told, the weather is warming up and I think we might get some tourist laps of the Nordschleife on Sunday too!)

Here are some photos from last year to get you in the mood. You’ll find more videos (including crashes!) here.

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