VIDEO: Ferrari 488 GTB time attack on the Nordschleife

Ferrari’s latest 670hp twin-turbo has been gathering praise in magazine roadtests around the world. But true Nürburgring fans are always really waiting for the Sport Auto Supertest.


Sport Auto have been laptime testing every important sportscar around the Nürburgring Nordschleife since 1995.

In recent years Horst von Saurma has been replaced by Christian Gebhardt, but the laps continue:

So 7m21s… right?

Now before you go and get your knickers in a twist, and say that a five-year-old Corvette is still faster than the latest double-the-price prancing horse… let’s just make something clear:

  • A journalist drives a car and is paid to write clear, accurate and entertaining roadtests and features.
  • A professional driver is paid to drive fast.
  • If a journalist crashes a press car, it’s really bad news. The title can suffer, the journalist can suffer. Black lists are real.
  • If a factory driver crashes, he might be upset, the team might be upset, but it’s a little bit more like the cost of doing business.

And I’ve not even talked about the blatant manufacturer cheating that sadly passes as normal.

Christian DID do a very awesome lap in the GT4 Cayman, so don’t think for a second he’s ‘slow’.

Just don’t compare him to a factory driver with hundreds of laps, thousands of kms, all in the same car, for an entire development cycle.

If you even read one word of German, I recommend you check out the magazine ASAP:



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