PHOTOS: Backwards around the Karussell with the RKA

This morning the Rally Köln Ahrweiler (RKA) hit the Nürburgring Nordschleife backwards. It’s something we’ve all been looking forward to the whole week.

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And the drivers have probably been excited about all year!

Last year I watched from Brünnchen, through Eschbach and Wipperman and finished on the inside of the Karussell.

This year I wanted to watch this spectacle from the outside of the Karussell. I wasn’t alone.


The first few cars came through, the ‘pre-runners’ and local club members…

The Nordschleife was hovering around freezing, and wet too. So it was no surprise when this Opel Corsa locked the front wheels approaching the entry, and he took to the grass…

And if you look at the front wheels, you can see he didn’t come off the brake pedal until the car had skidded the WHOLE WAY through the grass, and BANGED up the kerbs and Karussell again. Ouch. There were a couple more lock-ups, but no crashes (UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE! There WAS a crash just after I left!)

The last few club cars, and none-scoring pre-runners all came through incident free. Including Achim and his RingMini, and the Duckhams/Rothmans Escort that’s been cover photo of the BridgeToGantry FaceBook page all week.

Then there were some course cars, including this awesome sequential ‘boxed Citröen Super1600, an Corolla GTi and a Talbot Sunbeam!

Then came the guys fighting for position:

And the sun broke through the grey clouds too:

But alas, all good things come to an end. So, until next year…


UPDATE! Video highlights here:

UPDATE2! The Golf crash…

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