2017 Nürburgring Race Dates confirmed (VLN, N24, and more…)

The VLN championship organisation have just confirmed their 2017 race dates, and in doing so they’ve cemented a large part of the Nürburgring calendar.

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In a shock move, the 2017 championship will only have 9 rounds, in contrast to the normal 10 rounds of previous years. Two results can be “throw-away”, meaning only the best 7 results will count. This enables teams with less budget to still contest the coveted VLN class and overall wins.

Below you’ll find a table showing the currently confirmed Nürburgring race dates of 2017. Dates marked with an asterisk(*) are provisional, and *might* change.

Did you want to know the public opening (TF) times? Read more below the table!

18.03.17VLN TestdayOfficial Test Day
25.03.17VLN 163. ADAC Westfalenfahrt
08.04.17VLN 242. DMV 4 Hour Race
22-23.04.17N24 Qualification Race6-hour race
16-18.06.17Nürburgring Classic
24.06.17VLN 359. ADAC ACAS H & R-Cup
30.06.17 - 02.07.17Truck Grand PrixGP Circuit only, Nordschleife should stay open!
08.07.17VLN 447. Adenauer ADAC World Peace Trophy
14-16.07.17World Endurance Championship (WEC)GP Circuit only, Nordschleife should stay open!
06-06.08.17*ADAC GT MastersGP Circuit only, Nordschleife should stay open!
19.08.17VLN56 hours ROWE ADAC Ruhr-Pokal-Rennen
02.09.17VLN640th RCM DMV Grenzlandrennen
07-09.09.17*DTMGP Circuit only, Nordschleife should stay open!
23.09.17VLN757. ADAC Reinoldus endurance race
07.10.17VLN849. ADAC Barbarossa Cup
21.10.17VLN942nd DMV Münsterlandpokal


TF, or public driving sessions, have followed the same patterns for several decades now. I can’t guarantee any of the following, but here’s how it often plays out:

  • VLN = No TF friday, 50% chance of 30minutes TF Saturday, FULL DAY of TF Sunday
  • DTM, Truck Grand Prix, GT Masters = TF all day Saturday and Sunday
  • N24 and N24Q = No TF. The big N24 race actually closes the track severals days either side of the dates shown.


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