Rallycross returns to the ‘Ring this month (20% off for BTGers!)

After more than a year’s delay, we’re now less than one month from the return of Rallycross to the Nürburgring. But it’s not just one round of World Rally Cross that we’ll see here on the weekend of November 28th and 29th; it’s TWO rounds. And you can get 20% off your weekend tickets, thanks to an exclusive BTG discount code!

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It’s been 21  years since the Müllenbachschleife was first converted into a mixed tarmac and dirt course, hosting the Rallycross DM (Deutsche Meisterschaft) in 1990 (thanks Pro-Steilstrecke for the info). The 2021 and 1990 versions look remarkably similar, but with one HUGE difference.

In 1990 the BMW E30s, SAAB turbos and Ford Sierras would hit the Müllenbachschleife clockwise (in a similar fashion to the normal GP circuit). But this November the 600hp RX1 cars will be hitting it “backwards”, or counter-clockwise. Here’s what it looked like in 1992…

And here’s what it looked like in 1992! Check out the British Vauxhall Nova (an Opel Corsa, visiting from the UK) stealing the win from a dominant BMW E30 out of Norway!

While I can’t promise you any Opel Corsas or BMW M3s this month, I can promise you a solid 20% off your weekend passes by using the code BTG20 at the checkout of the official Nürburgring ticket shop here.

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