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VIDEO: Onboard 7m03s in the Viper GTS-R ACR Extreme

Before you watch this video, consider some/all of the following points:

  • This is the first opportunity that Dom had to do a full lap with no limits, no traffic, and a stopwatch.
  • The Viper is off a showroom floor, totally standard, with standard tyres. It’s tweaked; but by that I mean every component has been checked, aligned, and set up for the Nordschleife. This is a very adjustable car, a real sports car. Stock tyres, stock brakes, stock car.
  • Dominik clearly isn’t 100% comfortable with a manual gearbox.
  • He’s happy to admit there’s more time on the table. In his own word, “six or seven seconds, easy”
  • This is an AMATEUR effort, not a multi-million factory test program.
  • The team are trying to come back to the Nürburgring next month…

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Viper ACR-E reports 7m03s “still warming up”

A quick update from the Viper team I’ve been reporting on this week. After the tragedy of Monday’s 1-hour session being rained off, the guys managed to get a single clear lap today, with no rain.

And on that single lap, Dominik Farnbacher took the road-legal, bone-stock Viper ACR Extreme around the Nordschleife in 7m03s, according to this facebook post:

Dominik also said there’s more to come, with a sub-7 being possible. If the weather holds, we might even see another run tomorrow before the public session begins around 1730.

I’ll bring you more as I see it. Road&Track are also covering it extensively.

The Viper ACR is officially hunting a Nürburgring laptime

They’re here. They’ve arrived. The Vipers are pounding the Nürburgring Nordschleife even as I write this article. Don’t believe me? Watch the short video I made this morning trackside.

After rounds of crowdfunding, corporate sponsorship and a helluva-lot of bloody-mindedness, the guys have managed to get both Vipers here, a crew of mechanics and engineers, and two professional drivers. But it’s been 7 years since they were last here.

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