The naughtiest Nürburgring calendar I’ve ever seen!

Not only is Rachael Clegg’s latest calendar beautiful, informative and fun. But it’s also just downright cheeky!

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Clegg, an artist, journalist and motorsports fan from Yorkshire in the UK, is already kinda-famous for her awesome Milestones calendars. Again, kinda naughty, definitely beautiful and all about the Isle of Man TT.

The Milestones calendar tells a story from the history of the TT with each and every picture:

Der Grüne Himmel a Nürburgring Calendar is Rachael’s first attempt at a similar format for our own favourite circuit. And it’s everything you’d expect…

Clegg is the daughter and grand-daughter of two less famous TT racers, Noel and Tom Clegg. She’s got motorsports in her veins.

“There are so many parallels between the TT course and the Nordschleife – both are set in beautiful scenery, both test man and machine to their fullest and both are meccas for motorsport. As daughter and granddaughter to TT racers I can fully appreciate the lure of racing at the ‘Ring.”

For those who are totally enamoured with the tiny little thumbnails I’ve shared above, and want to know the true story behind the White Elephant, the exploding fire extinguisher at Bergwerk or indeed the roof removal (and subsequent re-fitting) will need to buy her calendar. Sorry. Or a signed print.

The calendars are a limited edition, at only 1500 printed, and cost £29.95 or €39,95. Signed individual prints start at £24.

Click here to visit Rachael’s shop.

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