VIDEO: Bongard Club compilation is the ultimate lap of shame

Joining the ‘Bongard Club’ is a rite of passage for any Nürburgring fan. Whether it’s a crash, a technical failure, or even just running out of fuel. It’s hard to find a ‘ring regular who hasn’t been for a lap on the yellow wagon.

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Yes, this is a video dedicated to all those half-laps, moments of misunderstanding and those horrible €200, 10-minute rides.

If you don’t want to end your lap on the back of the famous yellow trucks, then here are my TOP TEN TIPS;

  1. Don’t try to keep up with the car in front
  2. Don’t try to stay ahead of the car behind
  3. Drive your own car at your own pace
  4. Move right to let faster drivers/riders through. You might need to lift off that gas pedal if you’re in something fast
  5. Signal left and wait for a safe gap before overtaking
  6. Take your first lap of the day as a ‘sighting lap’
  7. Leave the laptiming alone until you really understand what you’re doing here
  8. Stay within your limits. If you want to learn to drift, do it on a drift pan or a safer racetrack than this one
  9. Check your vehicle as best you can before you drive here. Tyres, brakes, fluid levels at the very least. If it’s leaking, don’t drive it.
  10. Going fast is just the byproduct of doing the right thing at the right time in the right place.

OK, that was eleven points. But I think it was worth it.


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