VIDEO: Guy Martin crossing the Nürburgring finish line on fire

Guy Martin’s mid-engined, Nürburgring-lap-record-setting Ford Transit is one of the daftest things I’ve ever seen take to the Nordschleife. And it was fantastic to see this little “reaction” video pop-up on my YouTube feed the other day.

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My part in the project was relatively small, and if that engine fire at the end had robbed us all of Andy Carlile, you could have literally blamed me. Not did I turn-down co-driver duty, but I also suggested that Andy would be a far superior and calmer instructor.

So if you’d like to catch some previously unseen angles, and nearly watch our beloved two-wheeled lap record holder go up in flames alongside a genuine motorcycling and TT hero, best grab your brew and watch this…

Oh, and here’s a load of photos I didn’t put on the site before:

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