VIDEO: It’s 1989 and the R32 Skyline GTR is looking good

Official 'Ring Taxi for the Nordschleife by Jaguar RaceTaxi Nürburgring
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Rewind the clocks to a time before Playstation, and only the most dedicated petrolheads even knew what a Skyline GTR was. The year was 1989 and back then the Nürburgring was deep in slumber.

It was over a decade since F1 last raced here, and 6 years since the World Endurance Championship. The Nordschleife was old, unloved and off the radar.

But still the automotive elite knew the history, and the potential, of those 20.8kms…

The video is from a Japanese Best Motoring VHS (yes, Best Motoring existed before DVDs – DVD era was Best Motoring International!) and doesn’t just show a complete fast lap in the BNR32 (To use the internal/JDM model designation) but also some great background shots.

It looks like a typical week of iPool at the Nürburgring, even back then. Rain, sun, and more rain.

Check out the lack of run-off at Aremberg, or the kerbs towards the Foxhole.

Of course this was before Nissan built their own Hokkaido Proving Grounds, with imported German road signs, corner markers, 300kmh autobahn and some corners quite reminiscent of the Nordschleife.

Thanks to LeTdiT for the tweet: