VIDEO: The 10 hardest crashes at the Nürburgring?

One YouTube user has just cut-down his epic 16-minute compilation video to just ten bone-crunching impacts. And I was there for one of them…

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If you want to get on with the Schadenfreude straight away, just scroll down a bit.

But before I post the video link, I want to share with you a little bit of what I’ve learned in my 15 years of driving the ‘Ring, last few years of racing the ‘ring and the fun of running this website,

  • Crash videos might be morally reprehensible but they’re without a doubt the furthest reaching media about the Nürburgring. EVERYBODY watches them, from ‘Ring hopeful to ‘Ring hero.
  • Their very nature should invoke fear and respect in new visitors.
  • I think that being scared and aware of the consequences is the PERFECT MINDSET for your first lap of the Nordschleife.

Too many people are arriving at the Nürburgring utterly convinced that the fast laps they see on YouTube, or even that they drive in Sims, are easily replicated in real-life.

It’s respect that will prevent you from going too fast, too soon. It’s respect that will slow you down.

Now back to the video above, and my somewhat bit-part in it. When “Thommi” crashes his white Clio at the top of the Foxhole, you might notice the Blue Lexus with white stickers drive past the wreck, the second car after the accident. I was the driver, and contrary to the YouTube comments I didn’t drive away… I parked the Lexus safely (with its full load of paying customers) and then climbed over the fence and ran back to the accident.

Seeing that the yellow flags were out, and waiting until after official safety workers had arrived, I then drove away.

If you find yourself as the first-response to any accident, on track or off it, I would stress one thing – make sure you’re not the next casualty yourself. You can only help others if you’re not the next accident.

Source: TOP Nürburgring Videos Youtubechannel

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