VIDEO: Hello? Is that 1994? Can we have our N24 back please?

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You might want to call me a nostalgic fool, but I just love watching these old N24 videos. They’re full of real production-based tin-top racing.

This gem from 1994 is full of BMW E36s, a few E30s and some really cool Ford Sierras and Opel Astras. Check out the centre-locks on the FINA E36!

It’s not that I dislike GT3 cars, I’ve driven them, raced against them, and think they’re generally awesome. I just don’t think they belong in the same grid as Toyota GT86s and BMW 325s.

Would that be robbing VLN and N24 grids of big-money sponsors or professional teams? My gut feeling is ‘no’… but I’d love to hear your opinions after you’ve watched a bit of this video: