2016 N24 to be streamed FREE for 26-hours

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German broadcaster RTL Nitro has signed a deal to stream the 2016 Nürburgring 24-hour race in it’s entirety for the first time ever.

The official press release (in German) cites that the program will run for 26-hours and be available over the “Free TV’ services in Germany including Digital Satellite and Cable TV.

What does that mean for none-German N24 fans? In previous years only the start and the end of the race would enjoy full trackside and helicopter camera coverage, with the rest of the online coverage being restricted to a static camera above pitlane and the odd few minutes of onboard livestream.

Last year there were two great English-speaking commentaries (Vodafone with Darren and Paul, and Radio Le Mans), but not so much eye candy after 10pm. The recent addition of 4G data helped us view onboard feeds from the Getspeed Porsche all night, but that was really it.

Hopefully this announcement will compliment the strong commentary, and result in an increased global audience for, what I believe to be, the world’s greatest 24-hour race.