Alzen brothers combine forces for 2016 VLN campaign

The Alzen brothers are a constant in the world of VLN racing. But interestingly enough, Jürgen and Uwe haven’t worked together on a full season since their Porsche 996 Turbo monster, the “Türbinchen”, broke all those lap records over 10 years ago.

  • 10% DISCOUNT: "BTGBLOG" is reporting that for 2016 hot-shoe Uwe will scale up his contribution to Jürgen’s Ford GT by combining Uwe Alzen Automotive with Jürgen Alzen Motorsport. The combined company will be known as Alzen Racing, the name created and campaigned by their father Dieter in the ’70s.

The last time that Uwe drove the big Ford was in VLN5, where together with Dominik Schwäger they dominated the field to finish a convincing first place. With a fastest lap of 8m08s, no less (see the Top Ten results in the gallery below).

Unfortunately it’s not clear whether Uwe’s talented shoes will be on the pedals every race, as he’s expected to pilot the similarly thunderous Haribo AMG GT3 this season.

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Gallery courtesy of, find Daniel’s page on Facebook here.

Philipp Wlazik is the only confirmed driver for the whole season, a past VLN competitor and most recently spotted in the AM class of the Blancpain series driving the Attempto Racing McLaren 650S GT3.

The closest I’m going to get to driving the unique Ford GT, with its mid-mounted n/a V8, is the iRacing version. Our Ford Fiesta ST is probably going to be a little bit slower!

But there’s no denying that however old this car is, it’s still a convincing GT3 contender with the right driver behind the wheel. So here’s 8 minutes of the Alzen Ford GT tearing up the Nordschleife in previous years. Enjoy!

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