VIDEO: EPIC last-lap battle from 2006 Fiesta ST Cup

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If you’ve not seen this video yet, sit down and grab a cup of tea/coffee/whatever and get comfy. Ten years ago I featured this on the front-page of BTG and it was a massive hit. And that last corner?! Holy crap…

In 2006 the German Ford Fiesta ST Cup came to the Nordschleife as a support race to the Nürburgring 24-hour. Much like the WTCC today, they ran a very short race. Just three laps, and they were ridiculously, epically, close laps.

No ABS, proper dog-boxes, and open diffs. If you made one mistake, the pack swallowed you up and spat out the bones. Check out the video below to see some real racing on the Nordschleife.

The near-rollover into Kallenhard? The trading paint at Hohe Acht? The draft-battle? AND THAT LAST CORNER?!

The driver was Carsten Seifert, who you can read about here or at his own website. As you can see, after enjoying some years in the Fiestas, he eventually moved up to European Touring Cars. Well deserved, I think.

I need a new pair of pants, and I was only watching. Carsten’s voice and hands as he crosses the line tells you the rest. Well done!

(And yes, I posted that because Luke and me were getting all excited about our Milltek Sport Fiesta ST in VLN!)