DMSB release NEW 2016 Nordschleife Permit rules

If you want to race on the world’s longest and most dangerous permanent racetrack, it’s not as simple as picking up your racing license and driving over to the ‘Ring. Not any more.



The Nordschleife Permit system was introduced last year to prevent inexperienced amateurs from stepping into super-fast racing cars and putting everybody at risk.

Unfortunately the DMSB were allowing exemptions for certain high-grade licenses, and it left the new system open to abuse.

It appears that the loop hole has now been closed… no paying a third-world country club for your Int. B license then short-cutting into a GT3… not anymore!

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 18.36.26

The DMSB (the FIA-affiliated German motorsports body) has released the full details over on their website here. You can click the diagram above for the PDF too.

But the tl;dr is this:

  • Double waved yellows = no overtaking and 120kmh limit
  • Pink Code 60 board = no overtaking and 60kmh limit, only used in worst possible circumstances
  • Compulsory (but now free) E-learning course for EVERY driver (including current permit holders), made with help from Porsche.
  • Racers with Nat A or Int D licenses must complete 3 RCNraces within 2 years, and finish in the top 75%, PLUS complete E-learning PLUS trackwalk to get Permit B.
  • Int C license holders can “shortcut” to Nordschleife Permit B (and VLN) via a (expensive and short) DPN-Lehrgang. Which is German for a training course.
  • **NO SHORTCUTS TO PERMIT A** None. Nada. Move along. (Permit A is required for fast VLN cars and EVERY car in the N24, so this is big news for many wannabe N24 drivers!)
  • The Permit A upgrade can ONLY be obtained by finishing TWO VLNs, with minimum 18 laps driven, and in top 75% of a class with minimum 3 starters.

This means it doesn’t matter who you are, or who’s paying the bill when you crash, you cannot step into a GT3 for your first VLN, and you can’t race the N24 without first racing the N24Qualifier OR 2 VLNs in a decent position.

(Needless to say, anybody wanting to progress through these steps can contact me directly and ask about racing RCN, VLN and N24 in the wide-variety of awesome Manheller Racing cars available to me!)

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