Snow fun at all…? Watch a 911 SCRS drift the GP track

Just strike this one up on the massive list titled “Missed Opportunities at the Nürburgring”. While there’s nothing wrong with this video of a classic Rothmans-liveried Porsche 911 rally car enjoying the Nürburgring GP circuit, there’s nothing really that exciting either.

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Sure, it sounds gorgeous. The driving is great. The shots are beautiful. The edit? Everything you’d expect.

But it’s on the wrong track. The GP circuit is just too big, too vacant, too <<meh>>. Take a look below:

Now compare it to the delightful lunacy of lapping a tiny Formula BMW car on the Nordschleife, and you might see what I mean.

You have to admit, the Nordschleife in the snow is at least 100x more exciting. Sure there were a few roadworks under the -9ºC powder when the Porsche was here, but I think they could have been avoided or edited out.

This is something I’ve been trying to do (officially) for as many years as I’ve lived here. Probably because of Walter. Only hours before the Formula BMW lap above, I’d been denied an official request to film on the snowy Nordschleife because it was ‘too dangerous’, and I ended up shooting this video instead (which has still accrued over half-a-million views!)

If the Porsche had taken to the Nordschleife, or even a closed local road, then I think this might not have been an opportunity so badly missed… instead of the millions of views enjoyed by the Nordschleife video, I’d say this will accrue only thousands.

Next time the management need to speak to some of the less-loved ‘independents’… take a look at what the RSR lads were upto over at Spa the same week:

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