Special Ferrari-only event for Ferraris only.

Visitors to the Nürburgring Nordschleife today were treated to the spectacle of over 25 matching Ferrari caps, T-shirts, lanyards, driving shoes and an array of pretentious string-back driving gloves.

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Also, there were some nice cars. Here are some of the photos of the latter (and only a few of the former).

The Nordschleife entrance was off-limits for most of the day, and photography was not allowed. So I only took a few photos before heading to the track.

First I stopped at the Antoniusbuche for a nice shot of the ‘staging area’. No full-speed passes down the Döttinger Höhe today (though the 250kmh speed limit would dampen that joy too).

The ED Tankstelle was awash with both thirsty V12s and hungry “supercar paparazzis”… I left very quickly.

After that came a walk from Stefan-Bellof-S to Pflanzgarten 3:

And finally a little peek of the ‘action’ from Brünnchen:

The event ended around 5pm, though the security was still in place preventing any ‘normal people’ from buying bottles of water from the Devil’s Diner, so I left.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 18.21.27

Nice cars, only slightly odd.

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