VW Golf GTi Clubsport nearly ready for production? [UPDATED]

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It’s the 40th birthday of the VW Golf next year, and the Wolfsburg crew look like they’ll have an ‘ultimate’ version of the classic FWD platform to bring to the party.

In these latest photos the rear wing has shrunk a little from the R400 proportions we saw earlier in May and the whole car just looks more ‘finished’.

I can also confirm that this particular version is definitely a manual gearbox. Add that to the expected 290hp (as quoted by Autobild) and this could be FWD hot hatch that VW offer up to battle it’s own platform-sharing SEAT Leon Cupra 280 and even the Megane RS.

With a VAQ ‘differential’, this could very well become the fastest and most driver-orientated 2WD MQB-platformed machine. Options should include proper bucket seats and a half-rollcage supplied by German experts Wiechers. Though at sub-300hp it’ll still be outgunned (on paper at least) by the Honda Civic Type-R, maybe the Golf is still aiming in the right direction of the trackday enthusiasts.