The Vipers are BACK…

After last month’s fast-but-not-fast-enough laptime, the Viper boys are back in town. It’s a David vs Goliath struggle, but they’re not ready to go home yet.

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Tomorrow they’ll have the track for two hours, but the crowd-funded budget is almost spent. I think Porsche spent more on the engineer’s breakfasts this year than the Viper guys did on this whole laptime project, and there’s no disrespect intended there.

But trying to beat laptimes like the 6m57s of the €1.5million Porsche 918 (who ran for MONTHs in testing, then did a whole week at the track with THREE cars and drivers to set the time), with two Vipers and a handful of staff, is optimistic at best, foolhardy at worst.

But it’s also f***ing ballsy, and I think we ALL have to respect that.

So tomorrow I will be donning a metaphorical Road&Track hat and joining the crew for an R&T-exclusive behind the scenes look at the attempt!

I’ve said it before, and I’ve said it again; my opinion is that this is the ‘most realistic’ laptime effort at the Nürburgring in years.


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