VIDEO: 16 minutes of Nürburgring Mayhem

A lot of people ask me “How could we make the Nürburgring’s Touristenfahrten safer?”


The simple answer is probably just close the gate on Sunday at 11pm. But that’s not much fun, is it? An unrealistic answer would be more marshalls, flags (electronic F1-style lightboards would be fine) and a compulsory safety briefing delivered in every language. None of these are compatible with the wonderful freedom of old-school Touristenfahrten.

So here’s the BTG effort at keeping you guys safe. Watch these 16 minutes of crashing, smashing and failing. And repeat after me:

“Don’t be that guy!”


I’m not saying you need to recreate the Ludovico scene from A Clockwork Orange, but it might be better than facing one of those guardrail bills.


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