VIDEO: Lamborghini Aventador SV goes sub-7

The Lamborghini Aventador is no stranger to the Nordschleife, and has been spotted testing here many times before.

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But this video isn’t just any old testing, oh no. This is a wickedly fast  lap that makes the Porsche 918 hypercar look a little overpriced.

Check it out below:

The speeds are just insane. 295kmh before Schwedenkreuz? 281kmh UP THE HILL at Kesselchen! Or 325kmh into Tiergarten?!

And this thing has downforce to add to those super-sticky development Pirellis. How else could you explain the ridiculous high-speed cornering? 194kmh around the apex of Angstkurve/Mutkurve would be great for a slick-shod race car, but is absurd for a road-legal sportscar!

Like the 918, you can see the Aventador pick up incredible speeds thanks to the all-wheel-drive system, no doubt developed alongside engineers from Quattro GmbH.

The 750hp, four-wheel-drive Aventador was first mooted a couple of years ago. I saw this yellow beast and speculated it was the SV prototype.

Obviously, since then the concept matured and now we have this be-winged beauty:

Interestingly, although I didn’t capture any shots of this car lapping during the April ipool sessions, I did see the Trofeo support trucks and a whole bunch of other cars.

Including that black Huracan which also had the same driver at the helm and took to the Nordschleife for an obvious record attempt:

Will that be our next video? Who’s the mystery driver of these incredible hotlaps?

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