VIDEO: original, unstolen, unedited, Megane roll-over at SX

Before you watch this video, I just want to let you know that somehow, amazingly, the driver lived. Reports and eye-witnesses at the scene reported he was sore, bleeding from broken glass, but could be categorised as “walking wounded”.

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That’s pretty amazing, I think you’ll agree. It stands as another example of Renaults coping with what other cars need a multipoint rollcage to survive. Reports are that the driver simply suffered a severely broken thumb (which may/may not have been amputated!). Horrific, but survivable.

Now the video shows the car hitting the grass and oversteering violently to the right. But WHY?

Simple, the driver hit the jump on the left with some steering still applied. When it landed, the track was going to the right, the car was going to the left, and he wobbled into the grass.

At anywhere between 120 and 140 mph is my informed guess.

And he did that because he didn’t want to slow down to overtake the Nissan camera car. So learn from his mistake… that was three epic-sized rollovers last week. Mustang, Audi then this.

Now why am I making a big deal about the “original, unstolen, unedited”?

Because the original video apparently got uploaded without permission, and in the world of 2015 that means it was then subject to the great game of take-down WHACK-A-MOLE.

This culminated in some guy uploading it to Facebook where it amassed TWO MILLION views before getting hit with the ban-hammer. YouTube take-downs being instant for registered members in good standing, whereas Facebook like to hang on to the money-making page a little longer (2 million extra page impressions meaning at least €200-€2000 extra adverts sold if my gut instinct is correct about Facebook CPMs).

P.S. Hats off to the Nissan driver for a quick stop and helping out. I would have driven past into the parking place on the right, rather than risk my own butt. But in this instance it worked out really well. Top work fella!

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