VIDEO: Scalping Quattros around a backwards Nordschleife with RINGMINI

The time has arrived, as the Eifel broadband has finally finished uploading this wonderful 11 minutes of VTEC-powered fun.

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Looking at the screenshot above, what do you think? Is Achim overtaking a full-fat Audi Quattro rally car? Or letting him past? I don’t think any regulars here will have any doubt about the correct answer…

The video starts just after the second hairpin on the road from Adenau to Nürburg. Yes, this is my road to the office most mornings, but NO I don’t take it this fast! (Though I’d really love to!)

Achim calls his little turbo-charged Honda-Mini hybrid the “Eichhörnchen”, which means Squirrel. I think.

But this Squirrel has plenty of nuts, thanks to a HR-V derived full-time 4WD system and a feisty little turbo on that V-Tec B16 for quick response and plenty of torque.

If you’d like to see more pics of the Köln-Ahrweiler rally running backwards around the ‘Ring (stage WP5) then check my gallery here, or the videos I posted here.

Source: Achim Korden YouTube Channel

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