VIDEO: Three reasons I don’t ride motorbikes on TF anymore

Like a grumpy old man, hanging on to photos of his ‘glory days’, I often like to remind people that I have a motorbike license and used to get up to some pretty batshit-crazy stuff on a motorcycle.

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We were going sub-8 on motorbikes back when you needed a GT3 on race tyres to keep up, and not just a family hatchback.

Now I’m older, a lot more sensible (I like to think), and probably a bit more boring too. With a wife and kids, there’s more reason to be thinking about tomorrow and my own health. That doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped riding bikes. Oh no, far from it (check this gallery below!).

But guys like this, well, they make me want to hide my leathers out of sight…

Wow, that was harsh. And it just goes to show that it’s only worth playing “Follow the leader” if the guy in front actually knows where he was going. The way they then hang around, shell-shocked, right in the danger zone? It makes me wince.

But I’d have to be a real dick if I just wanted to blame bikers for the ‘Ring being so goddamned dangerous on two-wheels. No, my fellow car drivers can be pretty dumb too… like this guy:

Drifting, not even that well, just a few meters behind the guy doing a lap with passenger. That’s also depressingly dangerous.

And finally, there’s this, the piece d’resistance… (specifically look at 3m07s)

It’s rather incredible to see it, but it happens all too easily. Hell, I’ve *almost* been there myself in the RingTaxi two times. You go to overtake, the biker is indicating right, then they turn left anyway.

But that’s where you BRAKE and let the biker turn in. Don’t bully him “off the racing line”.

So there’s three good video-reasons above why I don’t ride bikes in TF, but probably a dozen more besides.


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