Watch the all-electric NIO EP9 do a 7m05s. It’s weird.

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File this one under “Interesting, but not that emotional”. Finally, after last October’s mysterious appearance, the NIO EP9 laptime is officially official.

Normally, if you put 1360hp in a supercar and send it around the Nordschleife with a pro GT racer I’d be TYPING EVERYTHING IN BLOCK CAPS and saying OMG a lot.

But not this time… because… well… just watch for yourself!

It’s a massive shame there’s no data to include in there. Though after the messy Lamborghini debacle, maybe that’s not so surprising.

The driver, in case you hadn’t figure it out, was Peter Dumbreck. Scottish GT driver extraordinaire, and also a VLN competitor in seasons past. This year he’s driving Aston Martin Vulcans with the lucky owners, but in the past he’s also flipped Merc CLR’s over the fence at Le Mans.

Judging by the lid, the eyes, and this tweet, I’d say he took more than ‘small part’ in this record. Driving a fast electric car to the limit just seems… weird.

Respect Peter, that was a hell of a drive, but rather you than me!

P.S. The Rimac might be next, and that thing really is crazy.