2015 Nürburgring 24 Qualification Race

Last weekend was the Nürburgring 24-hour qualifying race.  A two-day event culminating in a 6-hour race. Here are my photos.

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Having been forced to sit the qualifier race out, I resorted to watching it from the saddle of my well-trusted mountain bike with my new work-mate John. First stop was Kesselchen, for this little visited view of the third fast left.

At Steilstrecke we watched a professional film crew pilot a drone that probably cost more than my Project E30 up and over the track. When the Glickenhaus SCG-003 arrived, their target became obvious…

Next stop was the famous Caracciola Karussell, then Hohe Acht.

Before zooming back downhill, via a tiny little stretch of rocky DH-style track. We were greeted with this fantastic view.

The reason we turned around? I had to get myself to the pitlane…

While Bruce and David wrapped up their class victory in the Matech Sports BMW 325i, I had some people to meet and plans to make. For the N24. More on that soon!

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