COVID-19 finishes off both RCN and VLN season

Ongoing COVID-19 restrictions continue to disrupt the Nürburgring’s racing calendar, but show no signs of restricting its “contactless touristenfahrten” model.

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This weekend we are being gifted yet another extra day of public driving on the Nürburgring, as the 3-hour Schwedenkreuz Pokale was cancelled at short notice due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions on both travel, and public gatherings.

And all the signs point towards another two extra days of TF being scheduled for next weekend (November 6th and 7th) after the final two rounds of an already-shortened NLS championship were cancelled for the same reasons.

The official NLS (nee VLN) post to facebook is below:

You can also read more here on the Nürburgring Langstrecken Serie’s website.

We, #TeamBTG, had our own plans disrupted by the RCN cancellation, as Kjetil, Luke and myself were planning on racing a Rent4Ring Suzuki Swift in the 3-hour race. But an extra day of public driving won’t go amiss, and it also means Kjetil can try “my” Swift Stage 3 rental on Saturday.

Rent4Ring Suzuki Swift Stage 3

And even though the second round of COVID-19 restrictions will affect holidaymakers booking hotels or eating out, it’s hard to see how they will affect the “contactless” model of #touristenfahrten any more than crossing a toll bridge. With that in mind, if you’re local enough to enjoy the Nürburgring, I expect you will be able to enjoy a very quiet and almost-tourist-free Nordschleife very soon.

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