EVENT: BBC TV wants to film RingTools and their owners NEXT WEEK

If you’re “local” to the Nürburgring, drive your own RingTool but can  still speak English, then keep reading! A film crew will be visiting the Nürburgring while filming a new motoring program for BBC2 and they’re looking for interesting cars and people to appear in the TV program they’re making. And yes, this is on BBC2 (one of the biggest channels in the UK!), and as the Sun reports, it’s a program aimed at Top Gear and Grand Tour viewers.

  • Nordschleife Slider
    Stickers, Ts, Hoodies...

Want to join us?

Important Info:

Date: Tuesday September 27th
Time: 1100 – 2000
Location: “Near the Nürburgring”

Apply here:


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