N24: Only 1 hour to go… everything you need to know

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“Some people think the winner will be clear today, but tomorrow at dawn, we’ll still have around ten hours to race,” says Sven Boechmann, data engineer at Getspeed.

It’s an important point, and one that’s relevant to every team on this grid. Because the Nürburgring 24-hour is almost ready to begin, and (as long as you have internet access) you’ll be able follow the race from more angles, and in more ways, than ever before! (ALL DETAILS INSIDE)

“We’re not challenging the Black Falcon or Frikadelli Porsches on laptimes,” explains Sven. “The plan is to keep moving, keep rolling, and do our best.”

The Vodafone Getspeed Porsche might not have made it into the Top 30, but like us, they’re confident that a good N24 finish isn’t about where you qualified.

Now if you’re wondering how to follow all this madness, you’ll need these links:

  • Official 24h-rennen.de website (timing, video, live ticker)
  • Vodafone.de Livestream (onboard, telemetries, UK commentary by Darren and Paul)

I’m going to the grid now to wish Luke the best of luck. If everything goes to plan I will be climbing in to the driver’s seat of the #underdog around 17.15 CET, then Johan, then Bradley. And, hopefully, we repeat that cycle a few times until 16.00CET tomorrow…