VIDEO: Did you know there’s a new Nordschleife TRAILER record?

Sit down, grab a coffee, and I’ll try to make this simple. There’s now a laptime benchmark for TOWING A TRAILER around the Nuerburgring Nordschleife.

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The laptime was set by storied Porsche driver and ‘ring-expert Patrick Simon in a Porsche Panamera ST (the cool shooting-brake, wagon, estate, whatever), towing a Moetefindt FTP235.

With a maximum speed of 120kmh, and a very valuable Porsche Junior 108 tractor inside the twin-axle trailer, I’m actually reasonably impressed with the claimed laptime of 12m06s.

Thankfully, or perhaps unfortunately for the nerds among us, Moetefindt don’t appear to have dropped the full onboard lap yet. We can but hope.

In the mean time, what’s next? Fastest reverse lap? Fastest blindfolded lap? I’m available for both. At the same time.

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