VIDEO: Never underestimate a Clio racecar!

I don’t watch many onboard laps right ’til the end. I get sent at least two or three everyday by hopefuls asking me to critique their lap*, but I just don’t have the time.

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But Gerrit’s video from VLN10, onboard in his little Renaultsport Clio Cup, had me gripped. And I think you’ll enjoy it too…

Some of the reasons I loved this video:

  • The quality is just spot on, there’s nothing worse than a shaky/blurry picture. Shot in 1080p at 60fps, the sensation of speed is wonderful.
  • The driving is meticulously smooth and fast.
  • I really wanted him to overtake the lardy Scirocco and BMWs! You can just *feel* how much faster the Clio is when entering the corner, even if it does lose speed on the straights.
  • That gearshift!

Gerrit’s team-mate for this race was Lucian “Luke” Gavris, who you’ll probably remember from our own #TeamBTG N24 effort. And together Gerrit and Luke brought the Clio home in a brilliant 2nd place to the Gronecks, and an amazing 66th overall! That’s out of 18 other SP3 class cars (2-litre, sports production) and 155 cars total.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 09.45.54

And YES, the Groneck boys just wrapped up a second overall VLN Championship in their own near-identical Clio! Congratulations to them!

*possible winter opportunity, coaching via YouTube?!

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