VLN Season Finalé tomorrow!

Tomorrow I’m super-proud to tell you I’ll be taking part in VLN10 with Matechsports and Manheller Racing… the tenth and final VLN round of the season.

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And it’s going to be one (green) hell of a race! Tomorrow a new VLN champion will be crowned! Here are a few photos from Friday practice,

These are the three Manheller cars entered in tomorrow’s race. The E36 M3 in V5, the E90 325i in V4 and the bat-winged flying machine that is Stefan Manheller’s 400hp+ E46 M3 in class SP6.

I’m not the only #TeamBTG driver here, either. Just next door is #GoLukeGo, though his M3 has been replaced with Gerrit’s Clio Cup car. And the guy with the rather spanky new helmet is Marc (who I was playing chase with in this video)

We’re sharing the hallowed tarmac with some rather sexy cars too. Such as the Glickenhaus SPX-class machines, with some big-name drivers like Menzel and Viper-pilot Blekemolen!

Or what about another SRT Viper pilot, and local here Dominik Farnbacher in the new Lexus? This RC-F being another SPX machine (for now, pending future GT3 homologation).

Plenty of Porsches too…

Though they’re not all GT3s, you know. John and Janine’s Cayman being a prime example of the Cayman posse.

While most eyes will be on the GT3 weapons at the front of the pack…

… the real battle will be between the Team Schirmer BMW 325i and this little Clio Cup.

Whoever scores the most points, takes the VLN championship overall.

It all kicks off tomorrow at 08.20 for qualifying. The race starts at 12pm sharp and lasts four-hours. Follow it live here:


And for some reason, I also started taking pictures of wheels.

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