VIDEO: The wannabe sub-7 Corvette has a dirty secret

It’s no secret that the good ol’ boys at GM have brought their latest, hot-snot, Corvette to the Nürburgring. But have you seen the rear-end of this beast? It’s a mess.

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The Nürburgring is hardly a ‘quiet’ track. Unlike some other european tracks we still get away with 95dBa in every public driving session, and up to 100dBa during industry testing. When you consider that most road cars are limited to around 84dBa, that’s actually quite easy. For comparison, during VLN and N24 races those limits are around 130dBa.

But the new Corvette obviously has a problem with noise. After running ‘normal’ pipes in the first session this week, a new modification has emerged.

Just look at those pipes, and then consider the fact that the ‘strictest’ noise-testing positions on the Nordschleife are all on the right-hand-side of the car.

They should have spoken to our sponsors at Milltek! Because I think those left-shooting pipes are awful, even if they do the job. What a mess, and a confirmation that this car is going to be US-only, where production car noise-limits are a little higher (though I seriously doubt they’re louder than the Nürburgring’s industry-session 100dBa limit).

Now remember, what made the ’90s C4-generation ZR1 so special was it’s quad-cam, high-output V8. The C6-gen, 505hp Z06 was the quick ‘track-ready’ option and naturally-aspirated, but the C6 640hp ZR1 grew a supercharger. Now the C7 Z06 already has a ‘charger and 650hp.

So what’s the C7 ZR1 going to boast? At LEAST 700hp, I would suggest. Along with Viper ACR levels of downforce.

And while you’re here:

There’s also a smaller-winged version lapping, though the description of this video might be misleading. I don’t think this is the C8, just a face-lifted C7:

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