Win a free trackday place on Monday’s Schnelleschwaben Nordschleife event

Official 'Ring Taxi for the Nordschleife by Jaguar RaceTaxi Nürburgring
T-shirts and hoodies available this week!

BTG has a FREE trackday place to give away worth €799! Your first clue is below…

First off, here’s are the ‘rules’. Because it’s a fairly serious prize, but it’s only worth it if you NEED it… so…

  • This prize has no cash equivalent
  • If you can’t attend the event from 0800-1700 on Monday July 25th, don’t enter.
  • If you don’t have a well maintained Nürburgring-ready car, or you can’t rent one, then also don’t bother.
  • BTG and the organisers take no responsibility for you in the event you win.
  • You must accept that you’re going to be on BTG and Schnelleschwaben media channels, including live broadcasts…

All good? Got some time to spare? Let’s do this!

We’re about to begin the treasure hunt! Need help? Use Google, use the search function above, use the comments section… BUT I will NOT be helping or answering messages/emails!

  1. The Laptime Performance M2-LT arrived at Simon’s workshop, and on May 10th 2016 he posted a video of it being built for Bodensee. What were the last two digits on the M2’s plates that day? Write it down.
  2. Schnelleschwaben are going to the ‘Ring again* this year. DDMM? Write it down. (added emphasis to “again” to show I’m not talking about Monday!)
  3. Getspeed regularly race two GT4s in VLN. We race our mighty Milltek Fiesta. Take all three VLN start numbers, total them, divide this by Henry Walkenhorst’s BMW Z4 GT3 at VLN5. Round it up. Write it down.
  4. What about the incredible Redbullring? How much does it cost for a full day open pitlane with SchnSchw? Write it down.
  5. When the RingTaxi M3 followed a Lambo and it went a bit viral, what number was that LP? And what 3-digit model number Porsche was in the middle of us? You now have 6 digits. Write it down.
  6. Finally, take the BTG time we did in the RentRaceCar Clio Trophy 220 (M:SS) and the price of renting that car for 10 laps on a track so you have a 6-digit number that looks like MSS€€€. Write it down.
  7. Congratulations. You have your password. Await tomorrow night’s post…