#CLUB1000 hits Zolder for second time. Sun comes out.

It’s only February, and already the #CLUB1000 was on track for the second time. And thanks to some unseasonally bright sunshine, we even got our new Nankang AR-1 semislicks up to temperature!

With the next snow forecast in just 24-hours, it seemed like the whole of the trackday and racing scene was in a hurry to get some track time before the storm hit. There were VLN and RCN cars, Belcar championship contendors, and a helluva lot of trackday fans.

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“Will Race For Food” now available

I’ll keep this short but sweet… this is a design that’s often requested, and was only on sale one summer. And that was five years ago!

Well, after promising a friend (who’d worn his to the point it had holes in it) I’d make him another, I thought I’d throw it open to new buyers at the same time.

So here’s your chance to jump in to the next production run.


Get yours here: Teezily.com/WillRaceForFood

[SIM] BTG and sim-racing (and how to join in!)

Regular readers of this blog will remember that, at heart, I’m a bit of a geek. Yes, despite driving and racing all these amazing cars for a living, I still really enjoy sim-racing.

And I’m inviting you to join other BTGers (and myself) on an official 32-slot Assetto Corsa server.

I plugged my first steering wheel into a PC back in the mid-90s, but since then the technology has moved on quite a lot… Continue reading [SIM] BTG and sim-racing (and how to join in!)

#CLUB1000 first event is a success

I’m a pretty busy guy this year. I can’t seem to find the time to put everything that happens online, but I need to do better. Why?

Because thanks to some crazy half-assed blogging from last year, and a lot of support from my friends and colleagues, BTG now has it’s own driver’s club. And the first event was last month. It was so much fun that we immediately agreed to do another. Continue reading #CLUB1000 first event is a success

Watch the full Viper 7:01 documentary here

One of the ideas that drives BTG is that of opening the curtains, inviting the casual Nürburgring fan to see a little more of the Nordschleife than they might expect.

Well, this 25-Minute documentary commits to that idea in style, from radios under pedals to galling crashes, it pulls no punches.

This is the true story of how the world’s most driven Viper fans gave their iconic supercar the send-off it deserved.