(UPDATED) MIXED REALITY: Marcel mixes VR with real-life in this RUF Yellowbird video

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I don’t know about you, but I’m still getting used to the fact that the Nordschleife is accurately laser-scanned and reproduced in two great PC games. Namely Assetto Corsa and (my favourite) iRacing.

But now there’s another technological marvel ready to frazzle our minds. VR, or Virtual Reality.

Obviously there’s no 2D video we could possibly watch that would prepare us for the sensation of ‘experiencing’ a VR Nordschleife… or is there?

Enter long-time BTG reader Marcel Pfister and his innovative GoPro and green-screen technique. Here he’s combined a video from his VR visor with a screen capture of the actual game as he played it. Please check it out below:

Marcel, that’s awesome. Simply awesome!

UPDATE: This is how he does it… very interesting!