VIDEO: iRacing will release the Nordschleife on December 8th

Official 'Ring Taxi for the Nordschleife by Jaguar RaceTaxi Nürburgring
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My first laps of the Nürburgring were nearly 17 years ago, and they were virtual. When it was released Grand Prix Legends was instantly one of the best driving games ever. And one of the first games that could actually do the word ‘simulation’ some justice.

Maybe that’s why I enjoyed this video so much.

Listen to iRacing co-founder and CEO Dave Kaemmer explain the link between GPL and iRacing, and just watch the beautiful Nordschleife roll past in the video below…

And it’s good. I know, because I’ve had some early access to the track over the last couple of months.

The level of accuracy is superb. Incredible. The debate over whether playing GranTurismo on the PlayStation can prepare you for the real-thing is officially old news.

The kerbs, the fences, it’s 99.9% there. The geek in me would like to see a thicker forest, and a slightly higher kerb on the inside of the final right at Mercedes Arena… but that’s about it.

Want to see more? I’ll be releasing a full VLN-lap video this weekend.

Want to be ready to play it yourself on December 8th? You’d better get yourself a half-decent PC (or Mac) and wheel, then click this button:

That’s a three-month trial for the price of 1-month. However, the best value deal is this… 50% off all memberships. But it probably ends really soon (it’s supposed to be a Black Friday/Cyber Monday special).

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