VIDEO: 2016 Motorcycle crash compilation from the Nürburgring

There’s something horrifically enthralling about watching crash videos. But these three minutes are sickening hypnotic…

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I know I shouldn’t be watching it! I feel every bounce, break and slide. I’ve been up the road enough times, and on the ‘Ring too, to know exactly the grief and trauma each of these bikers will be feeling.


See, now you watched it too. And I bet you watched all three minutes.

Most of the accidents here can be divided into two groups:

  • Riders going too fast for their track knowledge (being surprised that Adenauer Forst goes LEFT)
  • Riders choosing to ride the Nordschleife in the wet (Don’t)

Both of these faults can be dramatic in a car, but they’re potentially deadly on a bike.

I used to love riding motorcycles on the Nordschleife, and I still love both bikes and the Nordschleife. But bikes on the Nordschleife? It feels like both I’ve changed and the ‘Ring has changed.

A lot of my friends still ride here, and they know which way the track goes. They’re more likely to crash from an oil spill, than a novice mistake, but even this video of novice mistakes means I’m not about to joining them any time soon…

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