VIDEO: Cold weather rocks, Golf Clubsport S reaffirms own record with 7m47s

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Yes, BTG was right, and on October 26th VW was indeed setting another lap record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife with the Golf Clubsport S.

With every single car already sold, and the closest rival being a suspiciously-fast-on-the-straights none-standard Civic Type-R test mule, they hardly needed to do it. But they did. Clearly Benny Leuchter felt that he’d left some time on the table, and here’s the video!

Wow, that was a HARD lap. A messy, scrappy, hard-fought lap… but damn, what a time! Clearly Benny was on it, over the edge even.

My own experience with my Cupra is that warm weather is the enemy; the front tyres get too hot too quickly. Undoubtedly the cold, dense air helps the motor too, but my money is on those fat 19″ Pilot Cup 2s being happier.

Just in case you don’t already follow BridgeToGantry on Facebook, here’s the live video where I figured out something interesting was happening, when a bunch of VW test cars all arrived at the Brünnchen spectator point:

Somewhat amazingly, the Golf Clubsport S was LIVE on BTG facebook the first time it set a lap record! In fact, it’s been spotted so many times on BTG, I think I should stop talking about it. Here are some photos instead: