VIDEO: How *&^*ing CLOSE?

A racing buddy just posted this video, and I think it shows just how dangerous racing can be at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

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Wait until you see it…

For those of you unaware of how racing works, the vast majority of drivers are paying (with their own money or with sponsor’s money) to drive. A crash would generally cost the driver a significant amount of money, REGARDLESS of whose fault it is.

“That’s racing,” is the comment you’ve probably heard before. And that’s what Dom (driver in the video above) would have been told as a massive invoice landed in his hands.

Why did the M235i fly across the Nürburgring Turn 1 hairpin at this speed. My money would be on technical failure (puncture, brake pad, fluid or line) rather than driver error. The speed was just too high to be a simple mistake.

This RCN race was the first ever to be subject to the new Nordschleife Permit system, which means there should (theoretically) be no rookies on the grid.

Although I did notice some rather incredibly slow laptimes, including a GT3 Cup Porsche that struggled to beat the times of a 160hp Mazda MX-5 despite completing 18 laps in perfect conditions. Yes, that’s laughable.



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