UPDATED: New Cayman GT4 Trophy for VLN announced by Manthey

As many as 15 Cayman GT4s might be racing in next year’s VLN Championship, according to two different industry insiders.

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Today Porsche are launching the Cayman GT4 Clubsport to the world’s press at the LA Motorshow with price stickers and possible championships. But behind the scenes, the cars are already allocated and ready to be built.

We can even expect a single-make ‘Cup’ class (much like the very popular M235i class, and the less popular GT86 class).

UPDATE: Manthey Racing just OFFICIALLY launched their new “Cayman GT4 Trophy” at VLN!

Personally I think that’s kind of cool but also a bit of a shame. This would take the SRO GT4 homologated Porsche out of the SP10 (GT4) class, just when that class could really use a shot of adrenaline. Currently only two teams regularly contest the GT4 category at VLN, the Aston Martin Test Centre Vantages and the BMW M3s of Sorg Rennsport. There are rumours of Boes Motorsport bringing the exotic KTM GTR, and even crazier rumours of #TeamBTG bringing a Ginetta GT4 to the class (you heard it here first 😉 ), but the more the merrier, we say!

Certainly the PDK-equipped, 3.8ltr Cayman GT4 is sure to be on the pace from day 1. A good SP10 laptime is just under 9-minutes VLN (which is roughly comparable to 7m15 full Nordschleife, or even 6m55 BTG) and Manthey were turning some lovely test laps only a week before the Nordschleife closed for 2015. The plain white car at the end of this video is a GT4 Clubsport, trust me:

With laptimes so low, there’s no way this car will qualify for the easier to achieve Nordschleife Permit B license. That plus the price tag are sure to restrict the popularity. The heavier M235i, despite the insanely fast laptimes at the head of the field (9m04s last race!) qualifies for the Permit B license, which means it’s easier for an inexperienced driver to jump in.

Of course, the price tag of €111,000+VAT is purely theoretical, as I know of two very good raceteams who have had their emails, phonecalls left unanswered since summer. That’s with an estimated production run of 250-300 cars before next March (€27.75 to €33.33 MILLION turnover!).

So if you’re trying to buy one, then I wish you good luck. Or good contacts.


Shortly after posting this article, Manthey Racing announced the “Cayman GT4 Trophy”. The car will cost more than the base €111k model (expect €135-€145k), plus you’ve got sign up to the Trophy too (expect those 10 races at VLN to set you back €12-€15k miniumum). So it’s not “cheap”.

But with a predicted laptime of around 8m50s, this class really is the next step down from GT3 Cup. A bigger tank, air-jacks, Nordschleife-tuned competition suspension will all be standard. You can read the full press release below or on Manthey’s Facebook page here.

Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing
Porsche has added a new sports car for amateur and club racing to its Motorsports fleet: The Cayman GT4 Clubsport celebrated its world premiere on November 18th at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The 385 hp (283 kW) mid-engine entry level racer for motorsport, which is not legal for road use, is based on the successful street-legal Cayman GT4 sports car. Sales of the racecar will start with the unveiling at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
Nicolas Raeder, CEO of Manthey Racing: “In addition to the base car which was designed for trackday use in the first row, several upgrade options will be available and enable the car to participate in an own class as a part of the 10 rounds of VLN endurance race series at the Nürburgring Nordschleife”
Ugrade options are safety specs like a 100l FT3 fuel tank, the Recaro- “P1300GT”-race seat, a fire extinguisher system and window net as well as a customized spring/damper setting, an air jack system and air conditioning system.
During the Essen Motorshow, which opens its doors from November 27th until December 06th, the car will make its debut in Germany being displayed in hall 6, booth A100.
Team Manthey-Racing will be on site answering questions referring to the car’s specs and for Trophy registration.
With similar specs, the car will be suitable for the Porsche Sports Cup as well which is taking place at 6 rounds and 5 different tracks in the season 2016.

For further information, please visit www.porschesportscup.de.
Contact: Michael Grassl, e-mail: m.grassl@manthey-racing.de,
phone: +49-2691-9338-870

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