Surtees Corner: honouring a true RINGMEISTER.

When I ask you to name the world’s greatest racers, you’re spoiled for choice. So many legends, heroes and great human beings to choose from.

But, here’s mine: John Surtees. And we need to NAME a corner of the Nordschleife in honour of him. And I need YOUR HELP. Continue reading Surtees Corner: honouring a true RINGMEISTER.

SURPRISE! The Nürburgring is opening EARLY this year

Well, earlier than planned, anyway. Those of you who were planning to drive the ‘first day’ of 2017 Nordschleife Touristenfahrten need to cross out Sunday March 19th from your calendar, and enter Saturday March 11th instead. Continue reading SURPRISE! The Nürburgring is opening EARLY this year

Lamborghini laptime 100% explained!

While the internet is on fire, and supercar fans are rioting in the streets, Lamborghini must have slipped this video out the back door.

It explains so much, and I hope it will help bury this painful episode quickly and painlessly.

See for yourself:

BLOG: Did Lambo “fake” that laptime?


The tl;dr is that it looks like they ‘boosted’ the SV750 video speedo, which then made the Huracan video suspect.

Original Confusing Story below:

Now before Audi AG send the lawyers after me, I’d just like to say that what follows is only my own personal opinion. I’m sure if you’re a fan-boi, you won’t even read this properly. Hell, I still get messages exclaiming disgust for how I must ‘hate’ Alfa Romeo, just because I had the audacity to say that a laptime boast delivered at a press conference isn’t the same as actually showing us the lap.

But now it appears that you might not even be able to show us a lap and have it believed. Why?

Continue reading BLOG: Did Lambo “fake” that laptime?

FULL VIDEO: Lamborghini goes 6m52

They did it, and they shot the video to prove it. Ride onboard with the new 2017 Lamborghini Huracan Performante for a ridiculous 6m52s industry-length lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife. 

Holy crap. Batshit fast. But rather controlled, don’t you think? Nothing like crazy Aventador lap.

Maybe it’s the low-down bumper-cam hides some of the cockpit drama, but there’s virtually no understeer on display. This is an impressive car, and the much vaunted active arrow are certainly having an effect.

But there’s always a ‘but’, isn’t there?

Here it comes; the 2016 track is faster thanks to the modifications at Flugplatz. That’s not opinion, that’s fact. Just look at the many sub-8 VLN laps this year for proof.

But is it five whole seconds faster? The Porsche 918 hybrid did 6m57s remember?

Next: tyres. Wow! The car looks like it could be on slicks, it’s so planted. Officially, they’re PirelliTrofeo R, in case you’re wondering! 

We need to know more…

SPOILER ALERT: Lamborghini continue to tease us all

February 23rd arrived and Lamborghini did indeed drop more details about their much-rumoured Huracan, although they failed to reveal an actual laptime.

No matter, because now potential customers are revealing  their dealers are talking about a 6m52s lap. But let’s not talk about that too much until the video arrives… because that’s a full 5-seconds faster than the Porsche 918! Continue reading SPOILER ALERT: Lamborghini continue to tease us all

Nürburgring’s most famous corner goes (almost) gravel-free

It’s the star of a thousand internet videos, and has jokingly been renamed “YouTube Corner”. But now the Nürburgring’s famous Brünnchen 2 is going almost gravel-free.

Now don’t get your knickers in a twist. The old Nordschleife is a constantly changing beast, and track modifications happen every year. I’ll be talking about some more 2017 modifications soon.

But this change, while theoretically without consequence for any ‘normal’ track user, is bound to cause a bit of head-scratching for many regulars.

Why? Take a look for yourself…

Continue reading Nürburgring’s most famous corner goes (almost) gravel-free

UPDATED: Lamborghini set to drop the new Huracan’s laptime next week

UPDATED: More video at the bottom of the page! If Donald Trump is upset about leaks in his security, he should have a talk with the bosses over at Sant’Agata Bolognese, Lamborghini HQ. Ever since the black bull rented the Nordschleife last year, it’s been widely believed that the Huracan Performante set a new Nürburgring laptime. Continue reading UPDATED: Lamborghini set to drop the new Huracan’s laptime next week

VIDEO: The most dangerous situations on the Nürburgring

Whether it’s cars overtaking on the wrong side of the track in public driving, race cars ignoring double yellow flags, or pedestrians narrowly avoiding crashing cars, the Nürburgring is clearly dangerous.

Continue reading VIDEO: The most dangerous situations on the Nürburgring

Last chance to get a discount entry to the BTG Nordschleife trackday with Circuit-Days

Last chance? You’re thinking, “Why is it the last chance? The trackday isn’t ’til April 11th and it’s barely February right now!”

Well, in case you missed the news, the April BTG trackday is gonna be awesome. And thanks to the ridiculously low-price before Christmas, it’s already well over half-full of BTG friends and Nurburgring fans.

For the last few weeks visitors to the BTG Nurburgring trackday calendar have enjoyed a £449 entry price by using the voucher code on that page.

BUT THAT CODE IS ENDING! Yes, we’re just like Easyjet, but without the queueing. As the event fills up, the prices get higher.


(Don’t forget that the October event is still discounted to £499 from £549 with the code BTG1610)

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